Tuesday, November 4, 2008


OK, so I know it's a few days late but Joe was hoarding the pictures on his computer at work...

Halloween was so much fun this year. Brendan was actually excited to dress up and even kept that cute duck hood on all evening long! At first he told me "I no like it!" But when I kept laughing hysterically and told him how stinkin' cute he was, he decided it must be worth it. He had the "quack, quack" down perfect and by the end of the evening was willing to tell anyone and everyone "trick-or-treat" just to see what he could get.

We stopped by daddy's office first to meet up with Kian (the giraffe) and Tracey and to wait for the daddys to finish up work so we could head off to the shops at the Old Mill for trick-or-treating. Of course I'm completely biased but he had to have been the cutest little guy out there.

Neither Joe nor I had time to come up with good costumes. Although the previous night Joe suggested that my two best options at this point would have been a kangaroo (with a baby Joey in my "pouch") or a cow (NEVER suggest this to a woman who is 8 months pregnant... and don't follow up with "we could stick udders on your belly! And look... you already have one (yes, my belly button is completely noticable now that this baby has popped it completely outward)!) Needless to say we just opted for no costumes and decided we'd try for something good next year.

Fortunately the stores must have been reading the mommys' minds because out of about 15 stores, Brendan only ended up with a couple pieces of candy. Mostly stickers and small toys. Definitely geared towards the smaller kids. But he sure was exhausted by the time we got home. After sorting through his loot, he was in bed and fast asleep within minutes. My cute little ducky...

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