Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Butterfly Birthdays

I could have anticipated the request for butterflies.  If it's not hearts and butterflies, it's princesses and fairies.  She's a stereotypical girl... all ruffles and bows.  And in the last 4 years she's managed to keep me on my toes. For as much as she causes me to want to pull my hair out on a regular basis, the times when she smiles, hugs, kisses, loves, cares, and looks at me begging to snuggle... are the times when my heart bursts with love and I thank God for the gift of my little girl.

While I wish I were the mother who goes all "pinterest" crazy for my children's birthday parties, I realized I just don't have it in me and I need to let it go.  Yes, I saw plenty of fun and cute butterfly themed ideas but for a midweek party, this mommy just didn't have it in me.  I stuck to the traditional birthday banner (in butterflies of course), butterfly cutouts abound, butterfly cupcakes (cherry vanilla almond with cherry buttercream) and wings for party favors.  And while none of it would have impressed even the novice pinterest enthusiast, my girl was happy...  and that's really all that mattered.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not So High

To my children it was only a Ferris Wheel... it didn't occur to them that there would be a single person in the world who would be afraid to step aboard... let alone their own mother.  So I tried to be strong for their sake. Which lasted only until we were seated in our "cage" and I felt the contraption moving.  I'm convinced my fear of heights cannot be overcome.  So it's simple... I just haven't tried to overcome it.

I sat next to Brendan, across from Joe and Aubrey as each car can seat 4 people.  With nothing strapping us in and nothing to hold onto except my son or the wire walls of the "cage", I chose the walls.  I didn't want to terrify my children in the process.  But I needn't have worried.  One look at my reaction and they chose laughter over fear.  When Brendan (seated next to me, mind you) turned around in his seat at the highest point and leaned back, causing the cage to rock, exclaiming "Mommy look!  We're so high!  It looks so cool down there!" I fought back tears and lost my stomach.  Joe, stifling laughter himself, finally said "hey buddy... I don't think Mommy wants to look." To which Brendan found even more amusement and said "oh mommy, it's not that bad... it's like you're being the kid and I'm the parent!"

I thought "sure buddy, I'll be the kid for the next 2 minutes if that's what it takes to get me through this ride alive!"

All I can say is... it's a good thing I didn't opt for ultimate bravery and agree to the "moving" cages that swing along a track while the ride moves, no, ours was "stationary"... I won't lie... I probably would have peed my pants...

Monday, November 12, 2012

California Adventure

Disney's California Adventure park was a huge hit with the kids... possibly more so than the Magic Kingdom itself.  Of course this had plenty to do with the newest portion of the park dedicated to the movie Cars.  Lightning McQueen and Mater have been all time favorites of this household.  Brendan was in heaven.  And while the rest of the park was incredibly enjoyable, I have to say that Cars Land was probable the highlight for all of us.  We ended the day with a 45 minute wait in line for the Radiator Springs Racers ride which was everything we all expected and more.  And to see the look on my sweet boy's face as we "drove" around radiator springs in an animated car then raced to the finish... I would have stopped time if I could...

Disney Days

Right around the time we got back from our California vacation in August (San Francisco and visiting family) I decided to propose the idea of going to Disneyland in the fall to Joe. I researched the airfare, hotels and park tickets and laid it on him.  I was blown away with the fact that he was all for it (what better chance for a memorable family vacation?!) so we booked it for early November.

We arrived late on a Monday, with just enough time to grab a late dinner and pass out in our hotel beds.  But we were up early on Tuesday, taking full advantage of all that Disneyland had to offer.  We were there the minute the gates opened and the kids and I were giddy with excitement.  And after hours of walking, not much waiting in line (fortunately for us!) and a whole lot of Disney fun, we used up every minute and left within minutes of closing time.  The kids far exceeded our expectations, going on even the scariest of rides (sometimes asking to go again!) but their energy levels could only withstand so much and they were asleep before their heads hit their pillows.

Day 2... California Adventure!