Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Party (Birthday Cake Part 3)

And finally, the day he had been waiting for. He picked the cake out almost a year in advance, finding it in one of my magazines and asking if I could make it for his "5 birthday." The boy thinks his mama can do anything. And while I stressed about the imperfections, it melted away as he exclaimed "oh mama!! it looks just like the picture... you did a really good job!" He's good for my ego, I think I'll keep him around.

The party was a hit. A kids' favorites menu including mini pigs in blankets, goldfish crackers, star-shaped mini sandwiches and more. The kids were in heaven. They ate outside and played to their hearts' content and Brendan loved every minute of it. Surrounded by his favorite friends (most of them girls) he opened his gifts and thanked his guests politely. My sweet little 5-year-old boy :)

Belated Birthday Boy (Birthday Cake Part 2)

June 18th. The Saturday before Father's Day, the only day off his daddy gets from his two week training for the army. So we headed to Albany for a joint celebration... Brendan's birthday and Father's Day... and some much needed time with daddy. The added bonus was yet another birthday celebration complete with cake from his Grandpa and Bubbe. The cake was gourmet and absolutely delicious and he was delighted to find out that it read "Buckaroo Bunny" instead of Brendan. A special cake with the two nicknames his grandparents gave him from birth. He's his grandpa's buckaroo and his Bubbe's bunny. He found it amusingly fitting... as if he expected nothing less. So here's another cake to you and your first 5 years big guy.

He turned 5!

I realize how late I am in posting this. His birthday was over 2 months ago. I've fallen behind and I'm trying to catch up.

June 18th, 2011 marked a very special birthday for this sweet boy. Five years old, preparing for the big world of kindergarten, pulling his mama's heart with him as he goes. Whenever we ask him to stop growing up he states so simply "I'm sorry mama, but you don't get to choose... only God can choose and he chooses for me to grow up..." You're right sweet boy and I love to watch you grow but there are so many things I miss as they disappear along the way.

It's hard to pass up that irresistible smile, those dark eyes and blonde hair... the same cowlick as his daddy, the cleft in his chin. He's sensitive and sweet, playful and smart. I'm forever and always amazed at his charm and intelligence. And while I can only hold onto his youth for so long, it sure doesn't stop me from trying.


The kind that only Nonna can do.

I grew up with a mom who knew how to do hair. French braids, twists, up-dos, you name it. Who needed to go to a salon for dances when Mom knew how to do it all? One time in particular that I remember well was lying with my head in her lap, slowly turning as she french braided from one side to the other. I wore it to school that way and was complimented at every turn.

But for this reason in particular, I had a slight moment of panic when I realized that I wouldn't be able to be a hair dresser for my daughter. A simple braid I can do, pony tails... yes. But french braids scare the heck out of me. So when we were visiting my mom in June and she offered to braid Aubrey's hair I jumped at what might be a once every year opportunity. I'm not even sure how she got her to sit still so long. Cartoons never keep her attention like that for me. But I cherished the moment and almost cried when I had to take them out, knowing all too well that these were braids that only Nonna could do.