Wednesday, July 29, 2009

8 months

Two-thirds of the way through her first year of life and yet already so full of personality. She's sitting on her own, has given up saying "da da" for "ma ma" (simply for the fun of blowing spit bubbles...), can crack herself up with the use of her very own tiny hands, rolls onto her tummy and attempts to scoot across the floor, eats anything and everything we've ever given her to try, seldom cries, and smiles big enough to light up a room.

And just when you think she's the sweetest most cutest thing in the world, try taking a toy away from her... you'll think you were tearing off a limb... oh yes... it's that bad...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crater Lake Camping

This year's family camping trip destination: the beautiful and majestic Crater Lake located in Oregon's southern backyard. But lest you believe that we're truly "roughing it" when we go camping, I'll tell you now that this fun-filled annual event includes my parents' fifth wheel trailer fully equipped with couch, beds, kitchen and espresso maker.

Seeing as how the indoor sleeping options were limited (added to the fact that he snores like you wouldn't believe) Joe and I tend to seperate ourselves for the wee hours of the night. This year, that meant that, while I chose to sleep in the trailer with our baby girl, Brendan took his first attempt at tent camping with daddy.

Beyond the extreme heat, the dust that covered everything, the mosquitoes, the small campsites, the lack of inteligence of park staff, and the 75 cent 4-minute (ice cold) showers... the awe-inspiring beauty of a truly magnificent creation made the trip well worth it.

But I think I can safely say that we will not be returning to the Crater Lake campground anytime in the near future and that next year's trip will likely involve a trip to the Oregon coast.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Quilt Show

Every second Saturday in July, the town of Sisters, Oregon turns into a beautiful outdoor display of phenomenal quilters talent. The main road is closed to traffic as quilts are displayed as far as the eye can see.

My mom has been an avid quilter for years now and when I graduated from college and had new found time for "hobbies" I learned that her passion had been passed down to me. So when word got around last year that we had moved to Bend, my mom and all her quilting friends had the trip planned within days!

She and two of her friends spent last Thursday driving from Grass Valley (CA) to Bend with little more than giddy excitement to keep them going. Friday we spent most of the day shopping in Sisters, trying to beat the crowds that would fill the stores on Saturday. The kids did great. Aubrey spent hours in the front pack while Brendan took his choice between three "grandmas" and a mommy's hand to hold. Saturday morning we got up EARLY and headed for the quilt show. After breakfast at a local restaurant we spent hours taking in every bit of display that we could. So much to see in so little time!

And as Hotel Bessman closed its doors and said goodbye to our guests yesterday, they were already planning the trip for next year. :)

Take Two

Last weekend, on the 4th of July, we celebrated Brendan's 3rd birthday for the second time. This one was extra special. Afterall, what little boy's birthday would be complete without his daddy?
Celebrating on a holiday had its drawbacks as the only guests able to make it were our good friends Tracey and Scott with Brendan's best friend, Kian and of course Grandpa Dan. But it didn't stop us from going all out on decorations. Streamers (or as Brendan called them "screamers") and balloons adorned the house and the cake was equally as festive.

One of the advantages of living in this beautiful neighborhood is the amazing new clubhouse that was finished just months ago. Complete with a beautiful pool and playground for the kids! So, what better way to spend a 3-year-old's birthday party? The boys had a blast.

After presents and cake the party wound down but Brendan was far from being done celebrating. With a full day of fun and games, the evening's fireworks finale seemed to bring the celebration to a fitting end!