Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's never too early

OK, so call us crazy but we decided to decorate early for Christmas. Last weekend the fall decorations were put away and room was made for our Christmas decor. Brendan was a bit confused as to why all the pumpkins had been replaced with snowmen and santas. It wasn't until the tree came out this weekend (yes, I know, it's a crime... we own a FAKE tree!!) that Brendan really got into it.

The poor guy, all the ornaments look like toys... so why on earth would Mommy and Daddy be so mean as to tell him he can't play with them??? Once he got the concept, he was such a big helper, hanging ornaments all over the bottom of the tree (OK, maybe not... most of them were concentrated on one single branch and Mommy had to discreetly move them when he wasn't looking.) But needless to say, it was an exciting time. In my mind, it's never too early to bring out the Christmas decor. We figured we'd have our hands full in the near future and now was as good a time as any. And hey, Thanksgiving came late this year... that's MY excuse!


The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

well, that's a really good excuse....made me actually think about it as I am now 36 weeks and am trying to make everything as easy as possible the next month. i just don't think i can =) but i am considering it now thanks to you! can't wait to see pics of your little girl! miss you Annie!

Matt and Melissa said...

We put up our outside lights yesterday. We are the only house glowing and I love it. Our tree goes up Sunday. YAY! I love this season.