Friday, January 23, 2015

15 months

Time is flying and things are changing. She's finally walking and it happened so fast. It seemed like one day we were watching her take those first tentative steps and within a week she was confident and ready to roam. She loves her new independence but I wish she would just slow down. She's got 8 teeth to count and more on the way. Though this seems to have no bearing on her picky palate. She refuses to drink more than a few sips of milk, drinks a total of sometimes only 8 ounces of anything in a day and I can count the number of vegetables she'll willingly eat on one hand. It is admittedly difficult to just let it all go. We still often endure the "witching hour" in the evening that involves whining, tears, tantrums and pulling at my leg while I attempt to make dinner. The door to our pantry doesn't latch completely which has also lead to her belief that this makes it a free-for-all play room for her. I've picked up spilled bags of beans, rice, chocolate chips, several spice jars and packets. So my evening life becomes slightly chaotic but I remind myself how quickly time passes and how I'll want these moments back. Most of them anyway... right??

Monday, January 19, 2015

We've Got a Walker!

You know how you long for those major milestones yet you dread them at the same time? Each time I tired from carrying her somewhere, or watched as she became a human broom, picking up every ounce of dirt as she crawled her way through the world I would plead silently "when will you just learn to walk?!" Yet as she neared this turning point my excitement waned as I longed to hold onto her "babyness" for just a little longer.  But it's inevitable, every child learns to walk.  And her time has come.  Just days before turning 15 months old, this girl took her very first steps...

Weaning Woes

We gave up the bottle. We called it quits.  Got her up Saturday morning  and nearly cried as she looked at me sweetly and asked in her tiny voice "bottle?" looking around my shoulder, certain that I hadn't forgotten such an important part of our daily routine.

"No bottle" I told her gently, laying her down to change her diaper.

A look of confusion... "bottle?" she tried again, twisting on the changing table, looking to the rocking chair where, just the day before, I had sat and cuddled her while giving in to her morning milk demands. Holding her in my arms, letting her adjust to the morning light. Rocking slowly. Our quiet time together.  After she weaned herself from nursing at nearly 12 months, which I had anticipated after a long journey for both of us, I welcomed her love of drinking milk from the bottle as it continued our bonding and we enjoyed our snuggle time routine.

"Milk?" I asked her, changing her diaper and getting her dressed, "Let's go get you some milk."

I tried to be cheerful and optimistic.  Telling myself that the longer I waited to take this next step, the harder it might be.  Knowing 15 months is old enough to be drinking from a cup but wanting nothing more than to hold on to her "babyness" forever.  I was torn inside.

I carried her downstairs and filled her big girl cup with milk. She looked at me with disbelief and softly whined.  She took a tentative sip.  She whined some more and pushed it away.

This might be a long journey... and it's surely going to break my heart.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Third Child Syndrome

I honestly think that sometimes her brother and sister forget that she's an actual human being.  As much as we remind them (on a daily basis), it doesn't stop them from treating her like a living doll. So it becomes commonplace for us to find her like this from time to time...

Friday, January 2, 2015


When Brendan was 18 months old, in 2007, we purchased this sweet bouncy horse for him for Christmas. Brendan was reluctant at first but grew to love Chester and bounce on him with enthusiasm more than we ever could have imagined.  He got passed down to Aubrey who loved him with just as much intensity as her brother had.  He got lots of use... lots of love.  I remember distinctly when Aubrey would just wrap her arms around his neck as if he were a creature capable of really feeling her fondness.  We knew he had been one of our best kid purchases ever.  But after Aubrey grew out of using him we needed the play space and retired him to storage in the garage.  We couldn't quite fathom letting him go for good.  And I'm so incredibly glad we didn't.  Though someday he will eventually leave this family, for now I believe this girl may have found her new best friend...