Monday, March 30, 2009

Bathtime Fun

I have to start by saying that bathtime was never a fun ordeal with Brendan at this age. In fact, it probably took him until about 4 months to finally not look so suspicious as we bathed his tiny body. And until then he would even cry pitifully as if this normal ritual of bathing was some kind of horrible torture. I began wondering how on earth anyone ever got those sweet pictures of thei
r babies smiling in the tub! And then I got one of these... this sweet baby girl has loved bathtime from the day she was born. Not a tear was shed as she got her first bath. And the moment her body hit the water at home I swear she smiled in excitement. Bathtime is truly funtime for me and my baby girl!

4 months old!

Not much change in the last month. Her hair is getting lighter and thinner and I believe it will eventually turn blonde. She's smiling a lot and giggling occasionally. Daddy has mastered the art of making funny faces to get her to laugh hysterically. The period of discovery has begun and she looks at those tiny hands as if they are the most magnificent things in all creation! It's fun to watch her reach for things and realize in excitement that she can grasp and pull. Such a sweet baby girl...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bye Bye Diapers!

I am proud to announce that my sweet little boy has said "bye-bye" to diapers! Our potty training really got serious when Aubrey was born... who knew it would be so expensive to buy diapers for two?! So while Joe was home during those couple of weeks right after she was born, the challenge began. It's been a "two steps forward... one step back" sort of ordeal with this boy. It depended on the mood he was in whether he would go in the toilet or in his diaper and so I ultimately left it up to him and kept telling myself "he won't go to kindergarten in diapers... we've still got some time!" And recently when I realized that he was keeping his diaper dry throughout the day, he and I decided that he was ready for "big boy pants." And when the boy was ready, that's all it took. A couple of accidents on day three but otherwise an entire week of success! So this is my proud little boy showing off his McQueen and Mater underwear while mommy smiles proudly behind the camera. Good bye diapers, you will not be missed!

Belated Birthday Cake

The tradition started years ago when Joe and I were in college. My husband is anything but an aspiring baker and it's probably for the best. Since baking and cooking are my ultimate passion, I prefer that he not step foot in my kitchen! But I decided to make my birthday the one and only exception. When I was living in the OHSU dorm he surprised me with an angel food cake that he had accidentally poured into a bundt cake pan rather than an angel food cake pan. Still turned out delicious. This evolved into the tradition that I started once we got married and challenged him to make the cake from scratch. The man can follow a recipe, I'll give him that. And if you've ever made an angel food cake from scratch you know what a task it can be (beating an entire dozen egg whites!) But I never imagined the cake would turn out better than any I had ever made from scratch. I admit I was frightened (afterall... I'M the baker in the family.) But to my relief, he permanently limited his baking to a "birthday only" status. And from then on it became the ultimate challenge. "What would you want if you could have ANY cake at all... if it didn't matter how many calories it had?!... that's what I want to make for you..." So the next year he made a german chocolate cake and I was astonished.

This year the excitement grew from the moment I realized that my birthday was only a few short weeks away. Then the excitement got demolished when we learned that Joe would be gone for army training for the weekend of my birthday. :( I had searched the recipe files for the perfect cake and was sad that it wouldn't be created this year. But to no avail, he proved true to his word and spent hours in the kitchen yesterday creating the perfect cake. I took one bite and fell in love all over again. I do have to say, though, that my husband is both a procrastinator and a perfectionist. So while the cake was absolutely amazing... it wasn't completely done until 10:30 Sunday night. Red Velvet Cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting. And while I thought it was amazingly delicious and extremely impressive... the perfectionist says there is room for improvement and better cakes yet to come! Watch out world...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Best Birthday Present Ever

So today is my birthday and I am officially 29 years old. That's right friends, next year I will be entering the world of 30-somethings! The sad thing to me is that birthdays seem so anticimactic these days. The excitement builds as if the day will be something magical and then it comes and goes like any other day. So I've decided that, starting with my 30th, from now on I will throw myself a big birthday bash every year in order to recapture the excitement of the day I was born. I deserve it right? It's the one day a year that can be about me and only me and there's nothing wrong with that! I challenge you all to mark your calendars for next year and be ready to party!

When I asked Brendan what he was getting me for my birthday he told me he wanted to get me flowers (red ones to be exact) which I thought was one of the sweetest things in the world (considering his daddy probably wouldn't be getting me any!) But Joe was out of town all weekend and I found it a little disturbing taking my own son to by ME flowers. So this morning when I got him up and dressed I said "did you know that today is mommy's birthday?" to which he sweetly replied, "happy birthday mommy... I love you!" and then added a little sadly "but I didn't get you flowers..." So I told him he would have to talk daddy into taking him to get some when he got home.

While this birthday wasn't filled with presents and cake (don't worry, the cake is coming later...) I did receive the best gift I ever could have asked for. Those of you who know me, know that I have been waiting on edge to hear my baby girl laugh and today she let loose! I was fortunate enough that Joe ran upstairs with the camera and caught it on tape. So I wanted to share with you one of my most favorite sounds in the world. There is nothing at all like the sweet music of a baby's laugh! It makes my heart burst with love.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Camera

It's been a long time coming that Joe and I have needed a new camera. And to think, we only had the old one for 2 and a half years! It seems the technology world is out to get us... You buy something now and it's outdated and improved within months! In reality, our camera was working just fine. It just seemed like something was lacking and we knew we could do better. but those of you who know my husband know that no big purchase is ever taken lightly around here. So if I want to take the plunge, I have to mention it weeks in advance to allow for proper research (Joe's... not mine...) Keep in mind that, while I joke about it, I am truly grateful that he cares enough to put the time and effort into such things. If it were left to me... I'd make quick and uninformed decisions... So, as was the same for most big things we've bought (washer, dryer, fridge, vacuum, bikes, television, computer...) the search was on for the perfect camera. Those of you who know much about cameras know that a point and shoot is fine for every day use but if you really want a good shot (especially those good closeups) then the best thing out there is a digital SLR. Once we had that choice made, it was narrowed down to the brand and model. All I did was sit back and wait for Joe to decide which one was the best value for what we really wanted and needed. So we ended up with a Canon Rebel XSi 12.2 megapixel. And the reason I am posting this is because the difference between the new camera and our old powershot is amazing! I have yet to learn how much it can do but Joe has been practicing and shot these wonderful candid shots of Brendan. It's amazing what a good camera can do!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Comparison Shot

This picture is just for comparison purposes to the photo posted at 2 months. Not a whole lot of change in the last month but it will be fun to see her grow! I tried hard to get her to sit up but the girl is just such a wiggle worm... moving all the time. I'd prop her up and the next thing I know, I'd look over and she'd be flat on her face because she lunged forward! :) And yes, her hair sticks up in crazy directions no matter what I do to it. I took her to get pictures taken on Saturday and tried desperately to comb it down. I took the easy road and ended up putting a bow in it instead! She's just so stinkin cute and getting cuter by the minute!

3 months

Our sweet baby girl has turned 3 months old! Saturday marked exactly three months from the day sweet Aubrey was born. She weighs about 14 pounds now (estimated from standing on the scale with and without her...) and is growing faster every day. We had to move the straps up in the infant carrier carseat since she's gotten so big already! Before we know it, we'll be transitioning to a big girl carseat. Her personality has changed dramatically over the last few weeks too. The fussy periods that had me nearing insanity are now few and far between. More smiles than tears and still SO close to hearing that sweet baby giggle! Sleeping through the night (thank heaven!!) and napping often. And it's those special moments like the one captured in this photo that leave me feeling overwhelmingly blessed to have such beautiful children.