Monday, August 16, 2010

Six Minus One

Out of the six of my parents' grandchildren the only one missing is my brother's son, Sevvy. We missed him dearly and the picture could only be complete with him in it, but times are limited when all six are ever together.

We decided not to humiliate the 13 year old by asking for another bathtub picture this year... I think she was grateful although I really can't tell... she looks as though we've asked her to stick her finger in a light socket. I believe this is just the perpetual expression of a teenager

(left to right: Brendan (4), Josh (6), Shawna (13), Aubrey (20m), Molly (2))


Sometimes it's good to be reminded that you still have a goofy, silly giggly side, even at the age of thirty.

My sister and I have never had the extremely close kind of relationship that I always wished we had. It's difficult to develop that once we've chosen the alternative most of our lives. But I'd like to believe we've given it a better try these past few years and despite our differences, we'll be sisters for life.

I was honored when she asked if she could pack up her three kids and make the 8 hour drive to come and stay a few days. They provided some much needed company on one of my lonely "guard duty" weekends and I welcomed the change.

We took the kids swimming, we watched movies, went for walks, rolled down the grassy hills with the kids, stayed up late, talked, giggled, and took ourselves back to the carefree times of our childhood at a moment when we both needed it the most.

My sister gasped as we involved ourselves in "cleanup" time with the kids. I could only imagine what it was she had found in the toy box. My mind was reeling... a bug? moldy food? a days old sippy cup???

"LOOK!" she exclaimed, having velcroed half of a toy corn cob to half of a toy hot dog, "IT'S A CORN DOG!"

And we both nearly fell to the floor in hysterics. It was one of those moments where you know it's not even all that funny which makes even that much FUNNIER. And seeing as how the children whose ages in succession were 20 months, 2 years, 4 years, 6 years and 13 years, we were obviously the ONLY ones who found this so hilarious. But all of these facts combined had us laughing till we cried. And after a fun-filled "sister-date" to Target and Fred Meyer where we giggled, laughed and nearly made fools of ourselves (when you ask a sales clerk a question, you are expected to pay attention and listen... you are NOT supposed to try on a crazy pair of sunglasses so that your sister explodes in hysterical laughter in front of said sales clerk...) every so often one of us mentioned the "corn-dog" and the uncontrollable giggling ensued.

They only stayed a short while but I couldn't have asked for a better visit. I will forever cherish the priceless memories that were created this weekend, the kind that make me smile and remember just how much I love my sister...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It Happens

To the untrained eye, these two seem like the best of friends.

OK, in all honesty, the love that these two show for each other is one of the greatest rewards of motherhood. Of course they argue and fight on a regular, daily basis... they are (almost) 2 and 4 years old and that piece of siblinghood is merely unavoidable. But the sharing, the helping, the comforting, the hugs and the love... those are what make these two the most precious pieces of my life.
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