Tuesday, November 11, 2008

8 months

8 months and counting (or technically 36 weeks.) I have to say that I am officially TIRED of being pregnant and ready whenever she is... My water broke at 37 weeks with Brendan and I have this slight hope that maybe she'll decide to make an early appearance too. Or maybe she'll be exactly the opposite and keep me waiting past my due date (heaven help me...)

It's not that I haven't enjoyed bonding with her inside me. I'll definitely miss feeling her move and knowing that I'm the one who's providing everything she needs. There's something about that bond that will no doubt make me miss being pregnant. But then there are so many more things that I just want to be normal again. The backaches, the pelvic pain, the exhausting contractions, the heartburn. I'll trade them all for the sleepless nights of the newborn period. And I truly can't wait to just hold her in my arms.

I'll be going to the doctor weekly from now until she arrives. My bag is packed and ready to go, the carseat will be strapped into the van in a matter of days. So now all that's left is the waiting...


Matt and Melissa said...

I cannot believe how much your belly has changed since September. It so perfectly round and adorable. As cute as it is I cannot wait to see pics of your new little one. Does she have a nursery? If so, we need pics.

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

annie- you look great! i had ivana at 37 weeks, and except for a few feeding issues loved it. did you find a good doc/midwife? would you get your membranes stripped? just curious!