Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Sunday was pumpkin patch day and Brendan had a blast! We found a farm out in Terrebonne that had a corn maze, a petting zoo, a pumpkin cannon, and a great pumpkin patch. Brendan wasn't too crazy about touching the animals and we opted out of a walk through the corn. But he was definitely thrilled with the pumpkins (and of course the slices of caramel apple Mommy was sharing with him.)

It was so completely different from our past Portland (Sauvie Island) experiences where we would wear rubber boots and leave with inches of mud on our soles. It's amazingly dryer out here (this is the high desert after all...) And despite the snow we got on Friday morning, Sunday turned out to be relatively nice. Besides the jackets, we really didn't need to bundle up. We made the trip with Scott, Tracey and Kian and since the boys had so much fun we decided it would be an annual event. Of course next year Brendan will have a little sister tagging along...

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