Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finally, an update

OK, so I know it's a little late, but here is the 6 month picture. I swear it was taken on the 12th. Blame Joe for the poor photography (or maybe being pregnant just means I'm not photogenic!) I feel like I'm getting bigger by the minute. Aching all over, contracting like crazy. I either have selective amnesia or this pregnancy is TOTALLY different than last time.

Brendan has advanced to asking things like "baby moving mommy?" and pointing to my belly. He even went as far as to ask me to "please stop!" as he was sitting on my lap and she was kicking him repeatedly. I suppose this is only the beginning of the sibling rivalry that is to come.

Things are going great. Work is still stressful so I've resorted to only three shifts per month. Fortunately I only have one more scheduling period before I'll likely take off for maternity leave. I have a feeling Joe and I will reevaluate the necessity for me to return to work once the baby is born.

Our friends Scott and Tracey and their 20-month-old son Kian finally moved out here so Scott could join Joe at the new Kittelson office. We're ecstatic to finally have friends again!! Tracey and I have seen each other quite a bit and the boys are loving being able to play together again.

Joe and I went camping this past weekend at Silver Falls State Park. What a beautiful place to be on such a nice weekend. The weather was wonderful and the park was just so amazing. Of course I had to opt out of the 8-mile hike up the trail of 10 falls. I resorted to the shorter trail that led to the North Falls then let Joe and Grandpa Dan drag Brendan along in the stroller while I headed back to the camp with Nadine. Brendan got his first roasted marshmallow experience and, as you can see by the picture, he was enjoying it immensely. It was really a great weekend of much needed relaxation but we all were still exhausted by the time we got home on Sunday.
I've been posting more pictures on the babysite at if you're interested in seeing more. Nothing planned for the near future except getting the nursery painted and decorated and trying to relax. Will try to keep updating more frequently!