Thursday, December 9, 2010

Party in Pink

Being surrounded by friends who seem to go "all out" for their children's birthday parties, I decided I needed to step it up for this girl this year. Especially while I still have all the decision-making capabilities. It won't last forever. And I have to admit... it was actually a ton of fun. Two very good friends helped me pick a theme ("cupcakes" and "PINK PINK PINK"), helped plan the food (a Saturday mid-morning brunch) and stayed up late the night before helping decorate. And with the added help of my sweet loving mom who rode the train up from Sacramento to be here for the event, I couldn't have done it without any of them.

I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, me or Aubrey. But she was more than thrilled to be the star of the show. The sweet tutu that my close friend made as a gift came in as a close second to being the highlight of her special day (cake and presents took first place.) She donned the tutu before guests arrived and promptly began spinning in circles, giggling with glee.

The brunch menu consisted of three different quiches, a hash brown casserole (made by the same sweet friend who created the tutu), a platter of fruit kabobs with dip (made by the other sweet friend), and the yummiest pumpkin cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting (orange flavored but pink tinted!) She was surrounded by amazing friends and family and enjoyed every loving moment.

Her mommy on the other hand, fought back tears as I realized how fast my sweet baby is growing up. If only time could stop for a moment... that moment when she calls for her mommy and I hold her in my arms... when she wraps her arms around me and melts into my core... when telling her the words "mommy is here... it's OK..." makes everything better.... if only...