Friday, January 7, 2011

This is what you get

When you have high hopes of getting that perfect picture of your kids on Christmas morning in their Christmas jammies in front of the tree. Like the one I got last year... only last year she was only 13 months old and hadn't yet hit the flaring attitude of the terrible twos. So this is what I got... a true testament to the life I live with these two...

Christmas Morning

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Santa 2010

Brendan, our shy little guy, was able to get out a softly whispered "I'd like a red truck and some tools from Home Depot." His discomfort is obvious but he's still cute as ever.

We had high hopes for Aubrey, our ever social sweetheart. But she flirted with the idea of a meltdown when she peered up at Santa's intimidating face. Fortunately (and all too randomly) for us, Benny the Beaver (the infamous OSU mascot) was roaming the grounds and caught the eye of one sweet little girl. He kindly obliged to do a little dance beside the camera man which resulted in the silly grin. The tight grip on her candy cane is evidence of her implied incentive but she would have much rather sat on Benny's lap any day.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

White Fluffies

Just days before Aubrey's second birthday we were hit with our first big storm of the season (one of many that would follow and keep a permanent visible layer of white on the ground.) Despite the pains it took to get these two geared up, the smiles and fun were priceless.

New Year

I sort of lost my momentum there at the end of the year. Falling behind on keeping up to date. And as a result, some of January's posts may seem a bit out of order. So much to catch up on. I apologize and vow to try harder...

The last year was seemingly uneventful but filled with changes nonetheless.

I turned 30 in March and celebrated by inviting my close friends to a grownup sleepover. Sent my kids to the grandparents and had a much needed girls weekend. I then celebrated again in April by taking a week long trip with Joe to Mexico. A trip we only slightly regretted, wishing we had gone somewhere else and missing the kids like crazy. I struggled with the notion of 30 for only a moment as I realized in many ways my life just keeps getting better. March also welcomed the arrival of our newest niece, Madeline Rose Bessman, born to Alex and Katie (and the 5 of their children) on the 17th in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

June took Joe off on his annual training and me and the kids to California for a family visit. We ended the month with our group camping trip and had a blast.

July signified the annual Sisters Quilt Show (or really just an excuse for my mom to come and visit) which we dragged the kids to and still managed to enjoy every moment.

In August our very good friends Molly and Ryan and their three kids moved from Portland to Bend in an opportunistic career move for Ryan who now works for the city of Bend. I prayed day and night that this was where they were meant to be and I feel extremely blessed and grateful for the doors it has opened in our friendships with them. Feeling secluded by the daunting snowy passes that keep visitors at bay is much more bearable with close friends.

August also brought us the newest member of the Bend Kittelson team, Matt Kittelson. He and his wife, Lauren made the life changing decision to settle their roots here in Bend and it has been nothing short of fantastic. This left the fellow wives with a strong desire to bond by forming a group (OK, an excuse to meet once a month without our husbands...) We call ourselves the Kitty Kats and meet on the first Monday of the month. It doesn't matter that we may do nothing more than watch the Bachelor and chat about nothing... it's friendly bonding and I'm blessed to be a part of it. Who understands what it's like to be married to a Kittelson engineer better than fellow wives???

Our good friends James and Sarah came to visit with their boys in September but they could have stayed a week and not stayed long enough. I always feel a piece of myself being torn away when they leave and I realize just how much I miss them. Brendan started preschool after Labor Day and took his independence to a whole new level. Kindergarten will be a heartbreaker for me.

Joe and I saw Carrie Underwood in concert at the Rose Garden at the end of the month (a sort of celebration for Joe's 30th birthday.) We had a fantastic time and the show was amazing.

Joe celebrated his much dreaded 30th birthday (he only got to be "younger" than me for 7 months) on October 1st and was completely surprised by his surprise party. Two weeks later we flew to North Carolina for our fun filled (previously documented) family visit.

November and December enveloped us in the holiday season. After announcing last year that we would no longer be traveling for the holidays we had no idea what that looked like for us. I cooked a Thanksgiving meal for the 4 of us and sat in bewilderment at the "un"Thanksgiving feeling of it all. It was slightly depressing to think that Christmas would be more of the same. But alas, our friends came to the rescue and invited us into their home for Christmas dinner. We consider them as close as family and really wouldn't have wanted it any other way. So it wasn't at all unexpected that we then spent New Year's Eve with them also. There's nothing depressing about being in good company.

And so here we are, the start of a new year with many promises and adventures ahead. Here's hoping for good health and prosperity...