Monday, April 30, 2012

Moments Like These

This sighting is not unusual.  My children love to read.  It was the timing that had me baffled (and elated) as this occurred while I was making dinner one night.  I barely even knew she was there.  My dinner-making routine usually involves both children running around wildly upstairs, knowing I'm deeply involved in my culinary efforts.   So as I turned from the fridge and spotted her sitting so sweetly, I grabbed the camera and hid around the corner.  There she sat quietly, "reading" one of Brendan's books from school, completely engrossed and unaware.  My heart warmed and chills ran down my spine.  I wanted to sit and watch for hours.  But these moments are fleeting and she was gone within a few minutes.  My sweet and beautiful book loving daughter :)


Kindergarten has been a new adventure for all of us.  It's been amazing to see the progress this boy has made in the 8 quick months that he's been an elementary school student.  He loves school.  Absolutely LOVES it and this fills me with happiness.  He can read, he can write, and he's learning so much more than I ever thought possible for such a small little guy.  So can you blame a mommy for finding a certain amount of joy in watching my son do his homework?  Just look at him... all hard work, focus and concentration.  I love him to pieces.

The Storybook Train

I love this man for so many reasons.  But one of the ones that tops my list is that he's possibly the best daddy in the world.  His children adore him and, to me, that speaks volumes.  His relationship with them is so different from mine, I find myself sometimes envying the enthusiasm that they have for him. But the envy dissipates into awe as I realize I wouldn't want it any other way.

Bedtime is for Daddy.  He's always taken charge of this routine and whether it's for my benefit or his own, I generally welcome the reprieve.  The kids are bathed, jammies donned, teeth brushed and the "Storybook Train" arrives.  They each climb on, the train does a couple laps and then pulls in to the story station where the three of them climb into Brendan's full size bed and the bedtime routine commences.  A story from Daddy, a story from Brendan, a story from the Bible and a bedtime prayer.  On the best of days I sit listening, unseen to the three of them, overwhelmed in my feelings of love and blessedness for my sweet little family.