Monday, August 27, 2012

California Here We Come

I have long been anticipating our 10th wedding anniversary.  It's emotional for me... an entire decade and I'd never want to spend it with anyone else.  I wanted to do something special.  In my mind that meant something huge... Italy? Greece? France?... but we decided that, while 10 years is something to celebrate, we're not at a time in our lives when the cost of such a trip would be feasible.  The last few years we've done "staycations", leaving the kids with my parents and staying at a local resort, enjoying alone time more than anything (and celebrating our marriage, each year an accomplishment.)   So we figured we'd just stay... and we had no regrets about that.  But when my grandparents offered to take our kids AND let us have 4 nights in their San Francisco timeshare we were thrilled.  Little did we know we were leaving 80 degree sunny skies for 60 degrees, cloudy and windy.  But the time we shared together was priceless.  We logged at least 15 miles of walking, took BART across the bay to Oakland to visit my brother and sister-in-law (twice!), ate a whole lot of amazing food and spent countless hours being "alone", just talking, laughing and remembering why we love each other so much.  The kids had a blast with "Gezzi and Papa Amos", no doubt making priceless memories.  And while my grandparents may have been questioning their sanity, they'll never know exactly how much it all truly meant to us...

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