Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Brendan

Six years ago he entered this world.  Six... years... ago... Every year that goes by it gets harder to believe how fast he's growing before our eyes.  I try to hold onto every moment to make it last.  He rarely asks to snuggle at bedtime anymore... when he does, I jump at the chance.  He still calls me mommy which I know won't last forever.  He still hugs me like he'll never let go and believes that his parents know the answers to everything. He's caring and sensitive, intelligent and kind and I'm proud to call him mine.

His love for Legos made the theme so appropriate for this year's party.  The boy can follow directions to put together even the most intricate of sets.  He can stay busy for hours, letting his imagination take over.  And when asked what he wanted for his special day this year, his one and only answer was "Legos!"

While my perfectionism felt that the cake left much to be desired (not realizing the difficulty level would be so high) the lego loving birthday boy proclaimed it as absolutely perfect.  Dinner and cake, games and presents... happy birthday sweet boy... till next year :)

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