Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Party (Birthday Cake Part 3)

And finally, the day he had been waiting for. He picked the cake out almost a year in advance, finding it in one of my magazines and asking if I could make it for his "5 birthday." The boy thinks his mama can do anything. And while I stressed about the imperfections, it melted away as he exclaimed "oh mama!! it looks just like the picture... you did a really good job!" He's good for my ego, I think I'll keep him around.

The party was a hit. A kids' favorites menu including mini pigs in blankets, goldfish crackers, star-shaped mini sandwiches and more. The kids were in heaven. They ate outside and played to their hearts' content and Brendan loved every minute of it. Surrounded by his favorite friends (most of them girls) he opened his gifts and thanked his guests politely. My sweet little 5-year-old boy :)

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