Sunday, August 28, 2011

Belated Birthday Boy (Birthday Cake Part 2)

June 18th. The Saturday before Father's Day, the only day off his daddy gets from his two week training for the army. So we headed to Albany for a joint celebration... Brendan's birthday and Father's Day... and some much needed time with daddy. The added bonus was yet another birthday celebration complete with cake from his Grandpa and Bubbe. The cake was gourmet and absolutely delicious and he was delighted to find out that it read "Buckaroo Bunny" instead of Brendan. A special cake with the two nicknames his grandparents gave him from birth. He's his grandpa's buckaroo and his Bubbe's bunny. He found it amusingly fitting... as if he expected nothing less. So here's another cake to you and your first 5 years big guy.

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