Sunday, August 28, 2011

He turned 5!

I realize how late I am in posting this. His birthday was over 2 months ago. I've fallen behind and I'm trying to catch up.

June 18th, 2011 marked a very special birthday for this sweet boy. Five years old, preparing for the big world of kindergarten, pulling his mama's heart with him as he goes. Whenever we ask him to stop growing up he states so simply "I'm sorry mama, but you don't get to choose... only God can choose and he chooses for me to grow up..." You're right sweet boy and I love to watch you grow but there are so many things I miss as they disappear along the way.

It's hard to pass up that irresistible smile, those dark eyes and blonde hair... the same cowlick as his daddy, the cleft in his chin. He's sensitive and sweet, playful and smart. I'm forever and always amazed at his charm and intelligence. And while I can only hold onto his youth for so long, it sure doesn't stop me from trying.

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