Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Wonderland

We've learned a valuable lesson about our very own central Oregon meteorologists... you just can't believe a word they say! The forecast literally changes by the minute. So just tell us the truth... OK it's going to snow sometime in the next few days! Rain? HARDLY! Sunshine? Only when they say it's going to be cloudy! I think we get a more accurate forecast from looking out the window. :) In any case, we got an unexpected 3 inches or so of snow Saturday night and it was just beautiful. I was beginning to wonder where all that snow was that central Oregon is known for. We had been experiencing such wonderfully sunny days for so long. I suppose we were due.

Always the helper, Brendan wanted to shovel the snow like he saw daddy doing. Ingeniously, Joe found our gardening trowel and was able to convince Brendan that it would work just as well as daddy's BIG shovel. So while Joe shoveled the sidewalk and driveway... Brendan shoveled a path into the street. :) And after watching their dutiful shoveling from the warmth of inside the house, I was outside and into the snow for a second attempt at getting Brendan on the sled. After realizing last time that he couldn't hold on to the handles due to lack of dexterity with his mittens on, we decided to try the tandem tactic. I sat on the sled and let Joe pull me around the street to show Brendan that it would be safe to ride as long as mommy was riding too. After a few runs up and down the street with Brendan on my lap I was done but Brendan wanted more. We had to persuade him back inside with the promise of a snack. But no worries... we are, after all, in snowy central Oregon. I'm sure there will be more snow adventures to come!

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Kate said...

Isn't the snow so much fun. I love it!