Sunday, January 11, 2009


OK so I know this is a little late in being posted and I haven't been keeping the blog updated, but what can I say? Things are a little crazy having two kids now! But Christmas was wonderful. A littel sad though... it was the first time ever that we spent it without our families. It was a very quiet day here, just the four of us. Joe took off from work early on Christmas Eve (a Christmas miracle!) He came home and played with Brendan while I prepared the infamous traditional rice krispy treats and egg casserole for Chritsmas morning. It was probably about 7:00 when Joe asked if we had made cookies for Santa. Of course the thought had slipped my mind and all we had in the pantry was a package of Oreos that would NOT be adequtae for Santa! So I got busy in the kitchen again making a quick batch of peanut butter cookies (because Santa whispered in my ear that it was the kind he would prefer.) After Brendan went to bed Joe got busy putting his tricycle (from Santa) together and we both dutifully munched on Santa's cookies.

Christmas morning was a little anticlimactic. I think we had envisioned Brendan being overly excited about all his presents when in reality he seemed a little indifferent. He wanted to sit on the tricycle then wanted off because he couldn't reach the pedals. Then after opening his first present, he proceeded to throw a fit when we told him he had to wait to play with it because there were more presents to open. But it all turned out great. Brendan was thrilled with the toys he got and they kept him entertained all day long!

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