Friday, January 16, 2009

4th folder, 4th picture

So, in following with the trend I have seen lately on friendly blogs, I have dutifully found my 4th (open the 4th folder in your photos, pick the 4th picture and blog about it!) I'm not sure how this one ended up being there. I suppose it has something to do with the way we name our folders. I expected something from long ago... something I could reminisce about. But actually this is relatively recent (located in the folder titled "Brendan 2 years".) It was a fun filled weekend spent in the company of good friends not long before Aubrey was born (November 14th, 2008)

I like to call this "beautiful!" A picture of the beautiful place I live, with my beautiful friends, and our beautiful children (and my beautiful pregnant belly that is being hidden by a baggy sweatshirt!) From left to right there is Kian and Tracey, Joey and Stephanie with baby Andrew, Brendan, myself and my unborn baby girl. Missing in this picture are the three jogging strollers that we used to push the three toddler boys up the mile long hill to the picturesque top of the beautiful Pilot Butte. And as I look at this picture I think of the value of friendships. These girls mean the world to me and without them I would be lost. The bonds that have been created between both ourselves and our children will hopefully last a lifetime and I truly believe that it was God's purpose for us to be a part of each other's lives.

As far as the beautiful view. I stand in awe each time I come to this place, at the beauty that surrounds us. The hard work and effort of pushing yourself to the top truly pays off when the sun shines on your face as you bask in the beauty of the surrounding mountains, hilltops and trees. I am truly blessed that this is the place I live... my home... and I have no desire to ever leave!

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