Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Help of a Child

It has come to my attention that when you are stuck in the house all day with a toddler and a newborn, you have to become creative with ways to keep said toddler occupied. Yes, I am talking about my dear son Brendan. Although he would likely be perfectly content playing cars and trucks all day... I begin to feel guilty around about the 5th time I have to say "no sweetie, mommy doesn't want to play cars." So I've begun trying to include him in several of my every day activities whether it be in the kitchen, cleaning or doing laundry. And I finally told myself... "who cares if it takes me twice as long? as long as he's occupied." But then something happened as I was watching him put the laundry from the piles into the laundry basket. I couldn't help but smile and it nearly made me burst with love for my son. I watched him pick each piece of clothing up one at a time, naming each item as he went ("this is daddy's sock... this is daddy's OTHER sock... this is daddy's underwears... this is mommy's... um... for exercising...") and the way it took him a few tries to finally get daddy's entire pair of pants in the basket (never mind that there were two more pairs...) And each time I told him what a big helper he was being he would smile so big and say "I helping mommy!" It was the look of determination on his face and the pure excitement of being a part of mommy's big world that made my love for him pour out like a waterfall. It's these moments in that small little world that I just want to hold onto forever. My sweet little helper...

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