Monday, October 6, 2008

Mommy Did It!

Considering the fact that Brendan screamed bloody murder the last two times I took him to get his hair cut, it came as a big surprise when I asked him if Mommy could cut his hair and he said "yeah!" I began with caution, thinking that the excitement was superficial and he would immediately scream when he remembered what a hair cut really was. But, low and behold, he sat still through my nervous use of the clippers and even begged the next day for another hair cut.
Much shorter than I had anticipated but still better than having it over his ears and in his eyes. And if I just keep telling myself that I saved some money and my much needed sanity, it all seems worth it!

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Kate said...

Hey Annie,
He is growing up so fast. And another one the way. Awesome. His hair cut adventures sound like Noah's. He hates his hair cut. I also have tired to do it myself. I am not sure which one is worse. :O Noah turns 5 tomorrow. He is also growing up so fast. I don't know if you got the blog address that I started. But if you didn't here is it is again.
I check back often for updates. I love them. Love Kate