Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Family Game Night

We were on a roll with the quality time we were spending with the kids over the weekend so, as we finished dinner Sunday night, I said "hey! let's play Farkle! We'll have a family game night!"

Of course you can probably guess from the score sheet whose reaction was less than appealing.  We convinced her that being on Daddy's team would make it more fun, she could help him roll the dice, we wanted her to participate.  She obliged but not completely.  The few times that her rolls failed to result in a score (aka a "Farkle") she would be on the floor in a puddle of tantrum and tears.  We tried explaining "chance" and "luck" and told her there was nothing she could have done differently but it was no use.  Eventually she'd come back.  But as soon as she rolled another Farkle she was gone again.  The rest of us pressed on.  We laughed, we high-fived, we tried convincing each other to take risks we wouldn't take ourselves.  And though Brendan won with the high score (reaching 10k points before the rest of us), I still think there should be a prize for the person who rolls the most Farkles ;)

As far as Aubrey is concerned... we'll keep working on her.  She'll come around eventually.

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