Friday, October 24, 2014

12 months

We've made it through the first year and I somehow didn't feel like celebrating.  I wanted to deny that it was happening.  That my baby wouldn't be a baby much longer.  I love this sweet girl.

She's got all 4 teeth on the top but still only two on the bottom.  That doesn't seem to stop her from eating anything she can get her hands on.  She loves grilled cheese sandwiches, green beans and peaches.  She'll eat bean and cheese quesadillas, avocados, sweet potatoes, pb&j sandwiches, smoothies, homemade muffins.  The girl will literally eat almost anything.  Her special birthday dinner was salmon cakes, quinoa/wild rice mix, and zucchini.  She ate almost as much as I did.

Her vocabulary hasn't grown much but she's finally taken to saying "mama" more often than "dada." The one time we got her to say "sissy," Aubrey was over the moon and when she waves and says "hi!" it's enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

She uses a brush to "brush" her own hair and holds her toy remote to her ear like a phone and says "hi-o!" She doesn't like to sit still for long because she knows her mobility can get her places.  This makes it tough when the last thing we want her to do in most places is get down and crawl around on the ground.  Keeping her entertained is a constant battle.

She weighs 19lbs 8oz and is almost 29 inches long.  This puts her right at average for weight but at 26th% for length.  She's otherwise developing at a normal pace and my prediction is that she'll follow in Brendan's footsteps and won't start walking till around 16 months.

We'll have a toddler before we know it.  Another year will fly by and I'll be wishing I could have this time back.  It's a bittersweet time of looking forward to her new developments and watching the baby phases come and go.

Happy birthday sweet baby girl.  We love you more than words could say.

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