Saturday, May 10, 2014


Something has pulled me back into the blogging atmosphere lately and I'm sad at what I've found.  I sat down yesterday with a little time to spare, thinking happily that maybe I'd "update" my blogs.  Post a couple recipes, maybe get back into the family blog.  But instead I found myself reading.  Endlessly reading.  An hour had gone by and rather than updating, I couldn't stop reading.  Tears trickled down my face as I realized I hadn't posted on the family blog in the entire year of 2013.  The reality hit me that there was so much that went undocumented.  Not for everyone out there to read, but for my own documentation of our family memories.  It's not that I don't enjoy thinking my dearest friends may be reading these posts.  I do.  And I hope you are. But more than that, when I go back and read the things I've posted, I realize it's the only way I have of remembering some pretty awesome things. And so I sat with regret.  And a little bit of nostalgia.  And a desire to return.  And so this is me, hoping that I'm back.

And while there's no possible way to recount every monumental moment of 2013 I can at least attempt at a recap.  In late February we found out we were expecting and we broadcast it to the world in late April.  We participated in the Pole Pedal Paddle in May and being 15 weeks pregnant didn't seem to handicap me on my kayak leg in any way.  We had a blast like always.  Our summer was filled with camping, soccer, vacation Bible schools and birthday parties and in the middle of August our world was slightly rocked as I went into preterm labor while I was at work, became a high risk pregnancy and got sent home on bedrest.  I spent the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy hanging out on my couch being cared for by friends and family who went above and beyond what I ever could have expected for support.  What felt like months of endless bed resting came to an end on October 22nd, just 2 days before my scheduled cesarean section (scheduled due to the position of my placenta) and 2 1/2 weeks before my due date as my water broke and our baby decided to make her debut. Sweet baby Violet was born that afternoon and we've been falling in love with her ever since.

I want to remember these moments.  They happen so quickly and they're gone in a flash.    

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