Saturday, May 24, 2014

7 months

Seven months and such a joy. I couldn't have asked for an easier child.  She's mellow and easy going and generally just goes with the flow.  I love how she lights up when I enter the room and smiles from ear to ear whenever we make eye contact.  She lights up my life in every way imaginable.

She says "da da" over and over again but refuses to say anything else.  I look at her sweetly and say "mama, mama, mama."  To which she smiles even sweeter and says "dada!" We're working on it...

I imagine she's upwards of 18 pounds but she hasn't been to her 6-month checkup because we got off track when we had to reschedule her 4-month appointment.  I'll post actual stats after her appointment on Tuesday.  She's finally rolling back to tummy in addition to "tummy to back", a skill that I think surprised us both when it happened. Her bottom two front teeth have finally emerged after such long anticipation. With such strong similarities to her brother and sister, I figured she'd be an early teether too (Brendan's first one broke through at 3 months, Aubrey's at 4.)  Just goes to show she's got her own timeline! She's found her feet and loves to play with them any chance she gets. She not a picky eater and generally eats anything she's given which so far has included peas, green beans, squash, parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, mango, cherries, peaches and prunes.

 She giggles, she smiles, she snuggles, she's beautiful, we love her...

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