Monday, November 12, 2012

Disney Days

Right around the time we got back from our California vacation in August (San Francisco and visiting family) I decided to propose the idea of going to Disneyland in the fall to Joe. I researched the airfare, hotels and park tickets and laid it on him.  I was blown away with the fact that he was all for it (what better chance for a memorable family vacation?!) so we booked it for early November.

We arrived late on a Monday, with just enough time to grab a late dinner and pass out in our hotel beds.  But we were up early on Tuesday, taking full advantage of all that Disneyland had to offer.  We were there the minute the gates opened and the kids and I were giddy with excitement.  And after hours of walking, not much waiting in line (fortunately for us!) and a whole lot of Disney fun, we used up every minute and left within minutes of closing time.  The kids far exceeded our expectations, going on even the scariest of rides (sometimes asking to go again!) but their energy levels could only withstand so much and they were asleep before their heads hit their pillows.

Day 2... California Adventure!

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