Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kindergarten is Over

My sweet boy finished his first year of "real" school last month and admittedly, his last day was probably just as hard for me as his first.  I just kept thinking "first grade? SERIOUSLY?!" As I looked at the little first graders heading out on their last day of school I realized that, if these emotions continue to haunt me through every transition, we're in for an exciting mental roller coaster.  When is a mother ever really ready to let go?

He flourished this year and it was an exciting transformation to watch as a a mom.  His desire and passion for learning made me proud.  God blessed us with an incredibly bright, compassionate and intelligent little man and while I cringe at the speed with which he seems to be growing before my eyes, I look forward to the new developments first grade will bring.  But for now... let's just enjoy the summer :)

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