Monday, July 30, 2012

Adventure Sunday

It came as no surprise that Joe was true to his word and would make up, in one weekend, what I had failed to do throughout the week... make Shawna feel as though Bend is a place of fun and exploration (I admit that it is... I love this beautiful place we live in... but I will also admit that these "adventures" seem arduous on a weekday-ly basis to a mother of two young children whose routine involves cleaning, laundry, naps and meal planning.)  And so adventure Saturday was followed by adventure Sunday and we spent an entire weekend enjoying the outdoors.

We managed to squeeze in a scenic drive out to the Metolius River recreational area where we navigated our way out to a trailhead whose 6 mile loop would take us to the Wizard Falls fish hatchery and back.  But after traversing about a mile of narrow dirt path along the river, we opted to turn back and make the drive to to the hatchery instead.  A good move considering the kids were walking at an ever slowing pace and Aubrey continuously wavered between walking and wanting to be carried by Joe.  So we enjoyed a short hike, drove to the hatchery where we fed and learned about the fish and made a quick stop on the way back at the infamous "Head of the Metolius" where the river simply "starts" from water flowing out of the hills (much more exciting in anticipation than reality...)

And so ended our weekend of adventure... our attempt to entertain a teenager.  And when asked "so if someone asked you if you had fun doing all these things... what would you say?" her slight smile and lack of response was enough for me.  Who wants to admit, at 15, that adventure weekend with extended family could actually be fun? ;)

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