Thursday, October 6, 2011

Your Present

So I have to break stride and come back to the present with this post. Because some things are just too sweet not to remember and I haven't told stories about my kids in awhile.

I sat here this morning trying desperately to figure some crazy computer stuff out, working away at the blog. My frustrations kept me glued to the computer while the kids were off playing.

"Just one wipe, mommy... just one?" Aubrey asked, holding a package of wipes up for my observation and approval.

"Yes honey, you can have ONE wipe then put them away" I replied, eyes still glued to the screen. I'm not proud of these moments. The ones when I know that my focus should be completely on my children and yet I'm letting something else consume it completely. It happens more often than I'd like to admit and typing this nearly brings tears to my eyes. I am only human I suppose.

But of course, even at the age of 5, Brendan believes there must be some magical reason that Aubrey would want to play with a wipe and insists that he have one too. So I cave, let them have their wipes and immediately confiscate the rest of the package. But as I turn my back, typing away, I see out of the corner of my eye my son on his hands and knees. He is using his wipe to clean my hardwood floor and is moving with slow precision and thoroughness. I see him pause to scrub at a spot and continue on.

He moves on to the living room and sometime later comes to me in the den with a sweet smile.

"I have a present for you mommy" he says softly, "I cleaned for you... I picked up the toys and I cleaned the floor with my wipe."

Chills ran up my spine and I fought back tears. I hugged him.... TIGHTLY. And basked in the warmth of his smile. At 5 years old he can read me like a book. He aims to please and he knows how to do it. I told him how much I appreciated his hard work and I knew it came from his heart.

This boy... he lights up my life.

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