Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kindergarten Soccer

It's really a very hilarious concept. Teaching a bunch of 5-year-olds to play soccer. I mean, I suppose they have to learn sometime, but this was more entertaining (and a little frustrating) than anything. When we asked Brendan (#7 up there) if he wanted to play he was thrilled and he always had fun. I think that's really what's important. We were lucky to have 6 Saturdays with no rain (wait... luck? this is central Oregon!) Although I admit there were one or two that I wished I could be watching from the comfort of my heated van. But we ended the season with a beautiful 70-degree sunny fall Saturday and for me, that was perfect.

What I learned from Kindergarten Soccer:
- our son is by far the least competitive kid out there
- 5-year-olds have very short attention spans
- I could never coach Kindergarten soccer
- yelling "watch the ball BRENDAN!" and "KICK IT!!" really doesn't help at all
- you resign yourself to cheering no matter WHO kicked the ball because, really, that's an accomplishment in itself
- my kid is the shortest kindergartner in the record of kindergarten soccer
- he's also the cutest
- I don't think my son ever made a goal and yet he still seemed to have a blast

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