Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Camera

It's been a long time coming that Joe and I have needed a new camera. And to think, we only had the old one for 2 and a half years! It seems the technology world is out to get us... You buy something now and it's outdated and improved within months! In reality, our camera was working just fine. It just seemed like something was lacking and we knew we could do better. but those of you who know my husband know that no big purchase is ever taken lightly around here. So if I want to take the plunge, I have to mention it weeks in advance to allow for proper research (Joe's... not mine...) Keep in mind that, while I joke about it, I am truly grateful that he cares enough to put the time and effort into such things. If it were left to me... I'd make quick and uninformed decisions... So, as was the same for most big things we've bought (washer, dryer, fridge, vacuum, bikes, television, computer...) the search was on for the perfect camera. Those of you who know much about cameras know that a point and shoot is fine for every day use but if you really want a good shot (especially those good closeups) then the best thing out there is a digital SLR. Once we had that choice made, it was narrowed down to the brand and model. All I did was sit back and wait for Joe to decide which one was the best value for what we really wanted and needed. So we ended up with a Canon Rebel XSi 12.2 megapixel. And the reason I am posting this is because the difference between the new camera and our old powershot is amazing! I have yet to learn how much it can do but Joe has been practicing and shot these wonderful candid shots of Brendan. It's amazing what a good camera can do!!


Kate said...

What a doll. He is so into his coloring. Noah loves to color but not sure he would sit like this for the camera to be fast enough. He starts acting like a ham as soon as he sees the camera.

Annie, Joe and Brendan Bessman said...

Joe did an amazing job of being very inconspicuous. Brendan barely even realized he was there. Otherwise Brendan is usually staring at the camera, posing and saying "cheeeeese!" So these pictures are extra special.