Sunday, March 15, 2009

Best Birthday Present Ever

So today is my birthday and I am officially 29 years old. That's right friends, next year I will be entering the world of 30-somethings! The sad thing to me is that birthdays seem so anticimactic these days. The excitement builds as if the day will be something magical and then it comes and goes like any other day. So I've decided that, starting with my 30th, from now on I will throw myself a big birthday bash every year in order to recapture the excitement of the day I was born. I deserve it right? It's the one day a year that can be about me and only me and there's nothing wrong with that! I challenge you all to mark your calendars for next year and be ready to party!

When I asked Brendan what he was getting me for my birthday he told me he wanted to get me flowers (red ones to be exact) which I thought was one of the sweetest things in the world (considering his daddy probably wouldn't be getting me any!) But Joe was out of town all weekend and I found it a little disturbing taking my own son to by ME flowers. So this morning when I got him up and dressed I said "did you know that today is mommy's birthday?" to which he sweetly replied, "happy birthday mommy... I love you!" and then added a little sadly "but I didn't get you flowers..." So I told him he would have to talk daddy into taking him to get some when he got home.

While this birthday wasn't filled with presents and cake (don't worry, the cake is coming later...) I did receive the best gift I ever could have asked for. Those of you who know me, know that I have been waiting on edge to hear my baby girl laugh and today she let loose! I was fortunate enough that Joe ran upstairs with the camera and caught it on tape. So I wanted to share with you one of my most favorite sounds in the world. There is nothing at all like the sweet music of a baby's laugh! It makes my heart burst with love.


The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

Annie- Happy Birthday!!! what a special gift- i can't wait for roman to laugh and just hearing Aubrey laugh was amazing! i am dying over here. she is perfect! congrats on the new camera's are the best =)

Kate said...

Too Sweet.

Kelly Olson said...

Annie that was adorable. I'm sure her laughter made your day. And Happy Birthday!
Nora and Ronan always get the giggles like they have an inside joke they don't want to share with me. You can look forward to hearing both your children laugh together any time now!