Monday, March 30, 2009

Bathtime Fun

I have to start by saying that bathtime was never a fun ordeal with Brendan at this age. In fact, it probably took him until about 4 months to finally not look so suspicious as we bathed his tiny body. And until then he would even cry pitifully as if this normal ritual of bathing was some kind of horrible torture. I began wondering how on earth anyone ever got those sweet pictures of thei
r babies smiling in the tub! And then I got one of these... this sweet baby girl has loved bathtime from the day she was born. Not a tear was shed as she got her first bath. And the moment her body hit the water at home I swear she smiled in excitement. Bathtime is truly funtime for me and my baby girl!

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Kate said...

I still love bath time. I was just talking about the yesterday. It's fun time. When they get out and you get to put that smell good baby lotion on them and dress them in clean jammies. Ahhhh, If only Noah were young again. Good Memories.