Friday, February 20, 2015

It's Only a Carrot!!

Remember how I said I can count the number of vegetables she'll willingly eat on one hand?

Carrots are not one of them. She also refuses zucchini, cauliflower, peas and cucumbers. Broccoli, and corn are hit and miss (you ate steamed broccoli three days ago... why on earth are you looking at me like it's poisonous tonight?!?!) While sweet potatoes, green beans and avocados are her favorites though labeling them "favorites" is a stretch since she mostly acts like she's doing me a huge favor by ingesting them. But it doesn't mean I don't stop trying. I hold out hope that maybe one day she'll diversify her choices and so I keep offering them to her. And then I find myself wondering why I torture myself as this photo depicts what is often the result of my efforts.

It's a difficult thing for me to let go of. I didn't intend to raise a milk fearing, vegetable hating, meat loathing child. And while I know that toddlers go through so many food "phases" and she'll likely change her habits with age, these trials are so often trying... I yelled at her one day as she sat whining "EAT?!?!" and crying with no reason, as I had placed several food choices in front of her. Yes, I actually yelled at her, my small child, as if she had any control over the way she was acting or any understanding as to why I was upset. So, because of my shame and guilt, it is with calculated patience that I try my best to just let it go. Because after all, it's only a carrot...

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