Monday, February 23, 2015

16 months

Molars! My baby girl is getting molars.  It's these seemingly insignificant things that become so truly significant in the eyes of a mother. I had no idea she was hitting this milestone until I held her in my arms, blowing raspberries on her soft tummy and as she tossed her head back giggling, the four corners of her mouth caught my eye... MOLARS!

She's 16 months old and, though there were photos where she actually looked at the camera, this one was a favorite because it personifies her. She cherishes her teddy, sleeps with her arm wrapped around him at night and the girl is forever content with a book in her hand. I breed readers... what can I say? In all honesty, if a love of books is one of the biggest things I pass on to my children, then I've given them one of the greatest gifts in life. So I'll take it.

She's sweet and loving, gives hugs and blows kisses. Her answer to every question is "no" which leaves us all frequently countering with "I think you mean yes..." She has a temper and can be awfully dramatic but nothing more than I think is normal for a child of her age.

I live in awe of her on a daily basis, this sweet tiny human that came out of me. I am amazed at how much love I am filled with for her. My life is richly blessed.

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