Sunday, November 23, 2014

Another Birthday

Gymnastics and cupcakes.  And a few friends of her choosing.  That's all this girl wanted to celebrate her big day.  Of course at the age of 6 it's still hard to comprehend the fact that her party needed to be so much earlier than her actual birthday because of its ability to fall so close to Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving Day last year... Black Friday this year.  And since so many people travel or get overwhelmed with company for the holidays, we figure it's best to celebrate early (6 days early this year to be exact.) I let her browse Pinterest with me for the perfect cupcakes and she eventually settled on chocolate chip cupcakes with cookie dough frosting (I must say... some of my best cupcakes ever... bakery worthy in my humble opinion.) She enjoyed every minute of her special "party" day, playing on the gymnastics equipment, opening presents and having cupcakes with her friends.  But the one thing I loved the most was the look on that sweet beautiful face.  You see, that smile, it was classic.  Each time she opened a gift she was genuinely excited about it and thanked the giver profusely for knowing "exactly what she wanted!" Filled with joy seeing her bursting with so much excitement.

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