Tuesday, November 25, 2014

13 months

So I decided (for the sake of cuteness) to continue our monthly updates/photos of this sweet baby girl.  It's so much fun to be able to look back and watch her grow before our eyes.  And to look back on all the milestones she was reaching.  It's priceless really.  And just think of all the new developments she'll be making this year! 

Her vocabulary now includes such big girl words as mama, daddy, sissy, baby, bye-bye, night-night, hi, no, go, yucky and shoes (among a few others I'm sure but it's so hard to keep track!) 

She still has no desire to walk but can crawl faster than we can keep up with her.  Still no more new teeth to announce but she's doing fine with the 6 she does have. She doesn't have much of an appetite and has (much to her mother's dismay) developed a picky palate.  My once "easy eats anything" baby has turned a sad corner.  While she ate every kind of baby food I made for her just months ago including squash, parsnips, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn... she has now decided that veggies are clearly not meant for her.  I can get her to eat an occasional cooked sweet potato or some steamed broccoli.  And once in awhile I can sneak a few green beans past her.  But otherwise this girl is a tough case to crack.  We often resort to trying to get her to eat at least one pouch of packaged mixed fruit/veggie baby food but even that can be a struggle.  And though the rest of her food preferences are touch and go too (she'll eat eggs, sausages, pasta, and cheese.... but only when she's in the mood...) it's the veggies that have me at my wits end. 

I recently proclaimed "I'm pretty sure our baby hasn't had a single serving of vegetables in the past three days!" to which Joe replied "didn't she eat one of those pouches of baby food?" 

"Half of it..." I said, frustrated. 

"Well then I think you're being a little dramatic" he smirked.  

So I try to let it go and just carry on.  She will not starve and she will somehow get all the nutrients she needs without eating her vegetables.  After all, the three things you can't force your child to do are eat... sleep... and go to the bathroom, right?  That doesn't mean I've stopped trying.  You can bet I'm still putting an array of choices before her, hoping one day she'll change her mind... 

She's still stingy with her kisses but gives hugs that are simply to die for.  She plays amazingly well by herself but when her siblings are around she wants nothing more than to be with them.  She's happy and sweet and her giggle is the best sound ever.  

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