Monday, September 22, 2014

Two Halves

Make a whole... 

At least that's what Joe tells me.  I spontaneously decided to run another half marathon just three weeks after running the first one.  Joe had found a relay race in Ashland on the 20th that he had attempted to throw together a team for.  So when I found the information for the Rogue Run being held in Medford on the 21st we thought it would be a great "fitness weekend" opportunity.  The Rogue Run offered a 10k and a half marathon option and waking up Sunday morning I was wishing I had chosen the former.  Joe's attempts at a relay race team were unsuccessful but I was committed and registered and so we went.  We drove to Medford late on Saturday afternoon, retrieved my race packet, checked into the hotel, browsed the shops nearby and went to dinner.  Joe and the kids got up with me Sunday morning, dropped me off at the starting point and drove off to the finish line to wait.  It was a beautiful point-to-point course along the Bear Creek Greenway from the town of Talent to the city of Central Point. I finished with exactly the same time as the first one and had mixed feelings of pride for finishing yet feeling like I should have been able to do better.  But for now I'll just enjoy Joe's assessment: "hey, you did two half marathons... and two halves make a whole, right?!"

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