Tuesday, September 23, 2014

11 months

She turned eleven months old yesterday and she's now on the move.  She's been full on crawling now for about a week or two and she's loving her new-found independence.  She has yet to learn how to pull herself to standing and we can't seem to get her to move her feet much, but she's mobile now and it's a huge step for her.  When she smiles big you can see three of her 4 top teeth and the 4th one attempting to break through.  She gives amazing hugs but won't kiss on demand.  She saves those for moments she sees worth it.  She claps and says "yay" and it's the cutest thing ever.  She's developed a temper but it seems to diffuse quickly.  She doesn't like to be told "no" but she gets over it in seconds. That bow in her hair?  She refuses to keep it in and it's a battle I attempted to have for the sake of pure cuteness.  I even went so far as to follow her around telling her "no" each time she removed it, putting it back in, showing her I was serious.... I lost that battle.  She loves pat-a-cake, snuggling her teddy bear, giving baby dolls kisses (go figure), swinging, and being outside.  She's easy going, smiles a lot, warms my heart and brightens my life.

If I could only make this next month slow down... this is going by way too fast.

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