Sunday, August 24, 2014

Twelve Years

(Our selfie before the military ball April 2014) 

Things I have learned in our 12 years of marriage:

- having a partner in every aspect of my life has gotten me through even the worst of times
- marriage is not always fun or easy but it sure is rewarding
- there is no one in the world who knows me as well as my husband
- we may have been young when we got married but we weren't "too young" 
- my husband makes me feel strong, worthy, uplifted, loved and safe
- when your partner for life is also your best friend you can make anything work
- when there are "downs" there will always be "ups" to remind me why it's worth it
- I assumed correctly that he would make cute babies 
- it took this many years for my maiden name to sound foreign 
- though I knew he'd be a great father, he's a better daddy than I ever imagined
- there's nothing like hearing my husband pray with my children before bedtime
- compromise... a kayak addiction can be a serious thing  
- my husband sees beauty in me where I find faults and I find that endearing
- it will never get old to hear my husband call me "hot" 
- it feels incredible to be immensely adored by someone even after all these years

Happy 12th anniversary honey. We've come a long way and have so far still to go. I love you more than you'll ever know...

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