Monday, August 4, 2014

Blackberry Picking

I am obsessed with berries.  I love summertime fruits. And berries probably fight with peaches for the top spot on my list of favorites.  But ever since moving to central Oregon, any time we want fresh berries we have to make the trek over the pass into the valley because, alas, the high desert is not a prime fruit growing atmosphere (and I am not about to pay astronomical prices for them in the grocery stores!) Since I was denied my chance to make my favorite jams last year due to my pregnancy and bed rest, I was extremely determined this year to make it happen.  I packed up the kids and we tagged along on Joe's guard duty weekend with the intent to spend time with good friends and pick loads of berries.  I got them up on Saturday morning, fed them breakfast and packed them into the truck with my phone's GPS set for directions to Baggenstos farm in Sherwood, Oregon. Luckily we were nearly the first ones on site and when I prepped the kids with "I want enough berries to make jam... and maybe a pie..." their eyes lit up and they were motivated beyond my expectations. We picked just over 8 pounds of berries.  Enough for some jam AND a pie ;)

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