Monday, July 21, 2014

Gull Point Camping

When we got back from Joe's guard duty weekend Joe and I sat chatting that Sunday evening and suddenly realized we had the next two weekends completely free of any obligations or plans.  Such a rare thing during the summer.  When I said "what do you want to do?" I was slightly surprised when Joe said "let's go camping!" So we sat down at the computer and looked up campgrounds relatively close by, preferably by lakes or other bodies of water where kayaking could be involved (*SHOCKING*).  And that's how we ended up spontaneously booking a campsite at one of the only campgrounds available on such short notice (our theory is that we must have gotten someone's cancellation... it was too nice of a site to have been just sitting available up until that point.)  Gull point, located on Wickiup Reservoir and just a few miles from the twin lakes.

We drove out on a Friday afternoon, set up camp, ate dinner, built a fire, put the kids to bed in the tent and sat enjoying each other's company by the light of the campfire, drinking a glass (er... plastic cup) of wine until the fire went out.  After breakfast on Saturday Joe took the kids out on the lake in the tandem kayak while I laid Violet down for a nap in the tent and hung out in the hammock with a book.  We ate lunch and ventured out to South Twin Lake for some ice cream and water adventures (Joe kayaked alone while the kids swam and I lounged in the shade with a sleeping baby and my book.) We rode bikes, went on walks, played and had fun. Then Sunday morning we packed up and headed out.  But not before stopping again at South Twin Lake to do the one-mile perimeter hike and have lunch.

And as we unloaded, unpacked, started laundry, showered and relaxed, our adventure weekend came to an end.  But these spontaneous trips make such amazing memories.

Things I learned on our family adventure weekend:

- My baby's head smells strangely similar to a perfectly toasted marshmallow
- My daughter has a horrible sense of direction and should be implanted with some type of homing device
- I am pretty awesome at building campfires
- My husband's patience when putting up a tent is non-existent so offering to help is a recipe for disaster
- 48 hours without flushing toilets and a shower may be nearing my limit
- Taking a 9-month-old camping can be challenging but fun
- And I have the most amazing husband ever.  I just do.

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