Thursday, July 24, 2014

9 months

Finally sitting up on her own but still not standing or crawling.  And as much as I compare her to babies who are doing so much more at earlier ages, I convince myself that I'm OK with her lack of mobility.  When she's on the move, I will be too.  She now says mama in addition to dada and ba-ba.  And even though none of it really means anything to her yet, we still love to hear it. Still only her bottom 2 teeth but she'll eat anything she can with them.  She loves the food off our plates and has recently started caring less and less about nursing. She'll be the one that ends up weaning herself and it breaks my heart, I'm just not ready. She's started getting stranger anxiety and has taken to screaming whenever mommy walks out of the room regardless of who is still with her.  Though her first dip in the pool was filled with a little anxiety, she warmed up and now loves to go swimming.  Her 9-month well checkup shows her weighing in at 18lbs 1 oz and measuring 26.5 inches long.  This puts her smack dab at average for weight (50th %, though who would have guessed with those chunky rolls?) and a little on the short side (15th %, she'll probably be short like her mama...) And though it also had her scoring low on her developmental screening exam, both her pediatrician and I are not worried in the slightest.  She's obviously got her own pace and I'm OK with that.

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