Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dance Recital

Aubrey had been asking me for MONTHS when she could take a ballet class.  She'd prance around the house, making up her own routines and moves.  I knew she'd be a natural.  It's something I never got to do as a child and I always wished I would have.  I've had dreams of her being an amazing dancer since the moment the ultrasound confirmed she was a girl!  I've never pushed it on her and realistically I know she may eventually decide that it's just not her passion.  But for now this is her heart and soul, and I beam with pride (and giggle a lot too) as I watch her talent grow.

The 3-4 year old girls (and one boy) had just under three months to learn their December recital routine.  Not much was expected of them but of course our little bumble bee shined.  Dressed like busy bees, dancing to "Walking on Sunshine"... the smile really says it all...

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