Saturday, October 27, 2012

Field Trip!

I... LOVE... field trips.  It's a little known fact about me.  I always wanted to be the mom who volunteered in the classroom, joined the PTA and chaperoned every field trip.  But while my younger child prevents me from being in the classroom and my lack of motivation has prevented me from joining the PTA, I jump at any chance I get to chaperone the occasional field trip.  I went on every single one he had in preschool... I was the mom who could not only chaperone, but shuttle up to 4 extra kids (a perk of driving the not-so-flattering mini van)! Then kindergarten came and went... an entire year without a single trip.  Brendan didn't seem to notice or care much but I was devastated.  So as soon as the notice came out for his first grade trip to the pumpkin patch I was emailing his teacher within hours.  He was thrilled to have me there and I was ecstatic to be involved.

And I'm proud to say that while being in charge of 4 first grade boys in a group of nearly 100 without losing one is something short of a miracle, I presented them all back at the bus safe and sound (so one may have been missing a coat that took several more adults to track down... I didn't say I was perfect...)

Brendan and his "girl" friend Gracie... inseparable :) 

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