Sunday, October 28, 2012

Carving Time

Bessman family pumpkin carving goes a little like this...

Kids get excited and then grossed out by the pumpkin "guts" and turn the process over to the parents.

Aubrey becomes Daddy's helper and Brendan complains that he can't handle pumpkin guts by himself.

Mommy stays upbeat and cheery through the entire process because she truly enjoys this tradition.

Daddy ditches complicated patterns for something more simple as he gets frustrated with the mess then claims that his carving is superior to Mommy's and anyone else's involved.

Mommy chooses a pattern that is moderately difficult but turns out great and proceeds to carve the pattern that Brendan has chosen.

Daddy still brags that his pumpkin is the best and positions it just right for the photo op...

And they all live happily ever after.

(P.S.  while this is pretty much EXACTLY how things happened LAST year, I have to give Joe credit in that after carving his superior angry pumpkin there in the middle, HE proceeded to carve Brendan's spider web pattern of choice... go daddy ;)

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