Monday, January 2, 2012

Visiting Santa

It took three tries. Santa was busy this year. Who knew it would be an hour long wait just to see the jolly guy? But the Christmas season couldn't go by without letting the kids delight in this all time tradition. Of course, as parents, we'd been asking for weeks... "what do you want to ask Santa for?" but the question yielded various, ever-changing results. A slight difficulty when trying to finish gift shopping... So we knew our lists would have to wait until they could tell the big guy himself. For Brendan? Legos and cars and trucks!! For Aubrey? A princess Barbie and a baby doll! Though we had no idea that her three-year-old perception of "asking Santa" for something involved him handing it to her on the spot. Explaining that he would bring it to her on Christmas was lost on her three-year-old sense of time. Fortunately the tears were soothed and by the time she sat on his lap, she was thrilled to just be in his presence.

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